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Beware of Job Scams & How to Identify Real Opportunities from Fake Ones

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, job scam incidents are on the rise. Internet fraud is prevalent, and scammers are using innovative tactics to target unsuspecting job seekers. Understanding how to differentiate genuine job offers from job scams is paramount.

Fraudsters, especially in the region, exploit the dreams and aspirations of vulnerable individuals, often with visa-related job scams. This can gravely jeopardize their financial and legal status. Masquerading as legitimate recruitment agencies or visa facilitators, these scammers prey on individuals eager to work in the UAE. They deceive victims with false promises and misinformation, convincing them to make hefty upfront payments. These are usually framed as visa fees, processing costs, or other associated expenses. Employees should not be making these payments in any form. More often than not, these fees are exorbitantly high and bear no relation to any genuine job application process.



I have deliberately omitted some clues to prevent inadvertently informing potential job scammers, but some of them are:

  • Lack of Interview: Beware of job offers that bypass the interview phase, whether in the UAE or your native country. Genuine employers conduct rigorous interviews to gauge a candidate’s fit.
  • Too Good to Be True Offers: If a job proposal promises training in sought-after locations like the UK, USA, or Australia even if based in the UAE, be sceptical. Job scam perpetrators often use such offers as bait.
  • Mismatch Between Role & Qualifications: Watch out for mismatches where the role seems too advanced compared to the qualifications required. Authentic employers match job requirements with requisite skills.
  • Vague Website and Contact Details: Scammers might present a functional website, but their contact details could be fictitious. Always check for inconsistencies or errors in the contact details or offer letters.


  • Clues: Dive deep into the clues to spot potential job scams.
  • Contact: Always connect with the company directly using verified contact information to validate the offer.
  • Check: Research the company thoroughly, ensuring its legitimacy and looking for any negative feedback.
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We’re committed to bolstering job seekers and shielding you from these scams. If you have a job offer in hand, don’t hesitate to contact me for its validation.

Author’s Bio:

Nikhat Sardar Khan, a distinguished legal expert with extensive experience in the UAE’s legal landscape, currently heads the Department of Litigation, ADR and Corporate at Hilal & Associates Advocates & Legal Consultants. Her expertise encompasses complex litigation and dispute resolution in commercial matters, banking, finance, corporate practice, and more. As a qualified arbitrator and experienced mediator, she holds certifications from prestigious institutions like the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb) and The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Her legal acumen, honed over decades of practice in both India and the UAE, positions her as a formidable figure in the field of law.

Nikhat Sardar Khan (FCIArb)(RICS)
Head of DIFC Litigation, Corporate & Arbitration- UAE,
MENA and India.
Arbitrator | Mediator | DIFC Practitioner

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